Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Galaxy dress

Space dress - New Yorker // Coat - From my Grandma // Necklace - Tiffany&Co // Shoes - Mango
Watch - Fossil // Sunnies - Armani

Hello lovelies,

I am sure that today's outfit is going to divide the is a pretty special dress with a galaxy print, so I can understand if it is too much for some of you! I bought this dress because I saw several outfits with galaxy printed items in the fashion media, but when I had it at home I wasn't that sure anymore...unfortunately I lost my receipt so I couldn't return it :D 

Have a great day :-**



  1. It's never too much, I love it and the colors make me happy!

    XO from Malta,

  2. Hey, I've just seen that you've posted news...

    In fact I won't wear this dress because the galaxy print doesn't suit me but I think that you found an outfit which goes very well with this clothe which, as you said is special. (& I love the coat and it color!)

    xx Jasmine -

  3. so nice!