Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pocahontas to go

Hello lovelies,

thanks for stopping by :-)
Today I have a real fall outfit for you, with THE fall color (oxblood), feathers and suede boots :-) I really like fall, especially those days around 15 degrees, where you can wear your light jackets (I always have to think of Mario Barth, the German comedian, making fun of women wearing "Übergangsjacken", because men do not know this category - they either wear their one coat or nothing - and that's so true, at least when it comes to my boyfriend :D) 
However, I like the coat & hat kind of days, where I also wore this outfit with my beloved (old) Zara blouse I bought in Vienna and my new hat which I wore the first time (I hope it won't also be the last time - the old hat problem:/).
What is your favorite outfit for fall? 


Blouse - Zara (similar really cute one on sale here) // Skirt - H&M (find a similar one here)
Boots - Zara (similar ones here) // Bag - Accessorize // Necklace - Promod
Hat - C&A (nice one here) // Watch - Michael Kors // Lips - MAC Plumful

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Concrete jungle where dreams are made

Good morning lovelies, 

today I have a very special post for you - I would like to show you some pictures from my New York trip in February. I spent 2 weeks visiting my boyfriend, who was doing an internship there. Even though I was in NY before, I fell in love again - the city is simply the best one in the world (as far as I can judge). We did lots of shopping, sightseeing, eating and just sitting around in cafes watching people. We also did some tours by foot, which are hosted by locals that do that for free (you just give them tip at the end). This is actually pretty cool because those people do it from the heart and they have the most interesting stories to tell - so if you ever visit NY and want to do some sightseeing besides those crowdy bus tours, check out their website (the Vintage Shopping Tour is the best, by the way;-))!
I hope you enjoy my little vacation review - I will probably post something about my semester abroad in San Diego and my holiday on Phuket the next time, so if you like it - stay tuned :)

Lots of love,

Most beautiful skyline in the world
Famous Empire Hotel (waited for Chuck Bass for vain:()
Busy busy ;)
The most beautiful flea market

Barclay's Center - Go Nets
Cruising by Statue of Liberty
Cutest bakery

Best breakfast in town

Rockefeller Center Observation desk

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Le Cool Amour

Hello lovelies,

today's look combines some of my favorite pieces these days - my beloved leather jacket from Zara and my fluffy fur vest I bought at Pimkie. Finding "the" perfect leather jacket is a duty for a lifetime (I think) and I almost gave up on searching for it after having tried on about 5000 models (at least it felt like that much;-) but then I found IT - at Zara, where I knew every jacket by heart...however, now that I found it, I hardly leave the house without it and I recognized that I even changed my whole style for it :-D!
Did you already find your perfect leather jacket? Or do you even search for it?
Another thing I wanted to mention today is my newly discovered love for Pimkie. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would ever enter this store again, I would have called him crazy. But now that I gave it a try, I found that they have really nice stuff, not like some years ago when you had an exact picture of a really bad dressed person in your mind when it comes to Pimkie! I am so happy to have my new fluffy friend with me, now that winter knocks on our doors...
What do you think about Pimkie and its new image? Do you give it a try?


Leather Jacket - Zara (similar one here) // Fake Fur Vest - Pimkie (get here) // Sweater - Mango (get here)
Skirt - Stradivarius (here) // Bag - Vero Moda // Pumps - Calvin Klein // Necklace - Zara

Monday, November 11, 2013

Plaids on the road

Good morning lovelies,

today I have my outfit for you, which I wore in a pretty similar way for the Blogger Bazaar in Munich (I have told you about this event in my last post, which you can find here). Plaids are to be seen on every magazine, ad, online shop and blog - and that with good reason! In my opinion, they are the perfect pattern for fall because they can be worn with a warm sweater, coat and boots as well as with a light blouse and pumps for the warmer days of October. So as usual, I found it hard to find a fitting model because I did not want a red plaid skirt, even though I also like that pattern. When I searched at Zara in Munich for a coat, I found this pretty skirt (do you also never find what you're looking for when you're shopping, but find thousands of other cute pieces that you can't resist?? It must be jinxed...).
I hope you like today's look - have a great day :-)

Lots of Kisses,

Skirt - Zara (similar one here) // Sweater - Mango (similar one here) // Shoes - Vagabond (get here)
Bag - Accessorize (similar very cute one on sale here) // Watch - Fossil // Necklace - Zara

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall(ing) in love

Hello sweeties,

Fall's finally here :-)))
Although I loved that it was so warm and beautiful the last weeks, I have to admit that I am looking forward to finally getting into winter mood (please don't call me crazy). Fall and winter time mean to me to be at home more often with my family and friends (and our new family member Juli - our Instagram followers might have already seen her;), to drink tea and sit in front of the chimney, eating cookies and preparing everything for Christmas. Ok, that sounds really pathetic, but although I am a real summer girl, I also love winter :-) I am really glad that we have all seasons in Germany - when I was in San Diego for my semester abroad I was chiling at the beach in November, getting sun some of you, that might sound like paradise, but if you do not have any bad days, you easily forget appreciating the good ones...
What about you - do you like the cold days? Or would you like to go to winter sleep?


Dress - H&M (get a similar one here) // Coat - H&M (similar cute one here)// Belt - Vintage
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff (get here) // Watch - Michael Kors // Ankle Boots - Aigner // Sunnies - Prada