Friday, November 1, 2013

Meet and Greet - Blogger Style

Hello beloved readers,

as Jecky already wrote in her last post, we needed some time to get some new energy to focus on our blog...besides, university started again so we have a lot of work to do :/
nevertheless, we will care for our "baby" better now, I promise ;)
Before I am showing you my latest outfit that I wore at the "Blogger Bazaar" in Munich, I would like to tell you a bit about this beautiful day, when Jecky and me met the sweetest Blogger alive - Caro (from Pink Fox) which we adore since she started her blog (I know that sounds like stalking, but we simply love her style and her was not seldom that we called each other in the early morning talking about "have you checked Pink Fox? Oh my god, I neeeeeed that shirt" (Haha, ok that really sounds like stalking :D). Long story short, when we met her in Munich, we were super excited and so happy to chat with her for some time :-) As "hardcore fans" we also took some pictures with her and beautiful and lovely Luisa from Style-Roulette! We also met Nina from Fashiioncarpet, which is even sweeter in real life than she is on her blog anyway :)! We thought about hanging all those pictures up in our flats...but I guess that would be when our boyfriends finally think we're crazy (so maybe we put them in our closet, that's where they belong anyway;)).
So now having told you our "fan story", I do not want to keep the pictures from you that we made on this shopping day in Munich :-) 


Foto 19.10.13 23 32 54

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  1. schöner post und tolle Bilder
    Schau doch mal bei mir vorbei...ich freue mich über jeden neuen Leser!

    Liebe Grüße
    Miriam von